whats wrong with the world right now

whys education so important right now

why is everyone so addicted right now

why does everyone have to be pretty right now

why cant the world just stop right now

why cant i ever be beautiful right now

why cant you see me for who i really am right now

why cant we be together right now

why does the world have to be so cruel right now

why am i procrastinating right now

fuck this, right now. 

For the ones lost at sea..

c’est la vie,

mon amie,

the night has come to an end,

and so have we,

lights dim as the darkness engulfs us into the sea,

close your eyes and be with me

for this very night is the night we shall never be seen. 

Nightly spooks

Shadowy thoughts
Gloomy spots
Dimly lit lights
For a night of fright
Creeping slowly through the creaks
Make one sound you’ll feel so weak
Spark up to the peak
It’ll make you so fucking meek

Tonight, like every other night

i need some kryptonite

cus i aint feeling alright

take this pain and make it right

ill see you when the sun sits tight

Those eyes so deceptive,

tears so pretentious 

lying under sunny stars

can love exist with two afar

those lips so rough, 

yet so smooth

like brand new snowfall on the 4th of june,

believing every word he says,

as if they’re real and i am real and we’re real,

closing my thoughts 

from worlds apart

sinning, is this what i want?

clear my mind,

breathe this kind, 

fuck this up and leave my side.

Lies to the hopeless

Pointless chatter
Mistaken thoughts filled with clatter 
Being lied face to face 
It’s as if there is no trace 
Connecting the dots, one by one 
Man you make my shoulders weigh a ton 
Close my eyes heavy as drapes 
Eating slowly those poisonous grapes 
Tender kisses every so loving 
Who knew lying could ever be this upcoming 

Poems for your bullshit

Tick tock goes the clock
Fucking stop your mock
Three in a row
My head will explode
Deaths row awaits,
Bitch take me before I taint
Used for purposes alike
Realized I’m fucked for the night
Blood rushing quick
Cut so deep
Make me feel like a prick.

A poem for the sick at heart, and life, and love, and everything in between

oh what a night,

the stars have never shined so bright

fuck this night, 

and the next one too,

youre setting yourself up 

for a night you dont ever want to relive anytime soon. 

sleep is for the weak

If so, spare me now and don’t turn back. Lousy is my mood, to say the least. Goodnight full moon, “I’ll see you never” is still yet too soon…